Salty Salting Salts Studio

The wench hoisted the box into the air and fiddled with the control so it would bang the box around a bit- just to really test the hanging structure. It didn’t come crashing down, or crack panels- so it is good to go.
Yesterday a.m. I went on a walk-through of the new Utah Museum of Natural History. They just put out an RFQ for artwork. It is going to be an amazing building, with everything that The Leonardo had wanted to be and more- a really amazing structure & location: their programming and exhibits will be incredible as well. I’m guessing they will go with an artist of national standing, but I’ll apply.
The afternoon was spent driving out to the foundry to set up the mold for the buck quail re-do. It turned out to be his head that they need. At least we think it is his head, it still could turn out to be the hen. Let’s hope we got it right…
In the late afternoon and into the evening I started in on the salt stones for the 3 wall pieces for the library. I had backed them all with fiberglass earlier in the week, and now began grinding down the faces from the heavy saw marks they arrive with down to a polished surface. all 34 of em’. I coated one of them with the hard clear coat I had used on the big hanging pole. It smells like fingernail polish with a pot life of three hours- but it really looks amazing- even better than the finish for the circles. Once dry it should be bullet-proof, and needs to be as these pieces will be on the wall near the kid section.
I also tried cutting some salt brick (in all the white boxes) with my metal saw- it pounded the stone too hard and shattered the crystal structure. So it looks like a tile cutter- or a tile cutting blade on that saw, if one will fit on it.

I finished all that up this afternoon, and cleaned out the shop so I can get back to metal work, or fiberglassing, or clear coating, or whatever comes next. So far, “next” is geeking this out with an orange sanpellegrino.

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