Flying Stones L1,2,3,4- L5 floats tomorrow…

Perfect spring weather brought on a 25 mile bike ride yesterday for E & I- just what the doctor ordered. Memorial Day started about noon out in the stone levitation parlor. A week’s worth of demented slavish welding and grinding and fiberglassing let to the day’s miraculous feats of anti-gravity. E helped me limit the amount of stones that dinked the ground, table legs, walls as I used a hanging strap to lift each level’s pole and determine the balance point. Then the whole thing is lowered to the ground with varying supports for the different levels and I weld on a bracket that holds a D-Ring. The next level’s hanging hook that juts from the end of the pole is clipped to the lower level hanging bracket, all the stones are added to the level, the hanging strap is wrapped and I fly the whole thing again- lifting and setting it down as the strap is adjusted to find the balance point. Then weld on the next D-Ring and go to the next level. At level four we ran out of ceiling space, so tomorrow I’ll dismantle the mobile and hang 272 pounds (the mobile’s weight so far) from L5’s hanging hook and determine it’s balance point without the rest of the mobile.

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