L5 Floats after extra effort

The hanging structure had been set for 12 stones, but in my original model I had put on 14- and I had two irregular stones that I had fixed- so the day began with adding another two arms to the hanging structure.
Next I counted out 275lbs with my sandbags (sand in old jean legs and sand tubes) and floated them on Carmines ramp for the pickup (made from an old pallet). It flew straight on the first lift, and the hanging pole flexed and flexed and flexed under the weight- so I set it all back down and pulled off the stones and the weight. Then I cut a 5 foot length of rod and welded it to the underside of the hanging pole, then set everything back up again and flew it- this time the pallet’s webbing slipped and I had to lower it and make some less than recommended adjustments then resumed lifting till the pallet cleared itself from the floor- the bend in the hanging pole was much better, and I lowered and lifted again a few more times to set the strap in the right position then lowered it all (after taking a few pictures just to push my luck).
The D-ring is welded in place and level five is effectively done.
Now I just have to go back through all the levels and make a few small welds to perfect seams, weld on a tiny bit of small bracing to a few of the little arms the stones fly from to firm them up, then weld on eyes where I imagineer the lighting cables will need to be zip-tied on, then do a “clean grind” of each entire piece and paint them in clear coat (which is like nail polish x power of 10). Then that side is pretty much taken care of till the LCD lights arrive.
Then there is the entire other side of Salt Block light boxes yet to be made and flown…and the 3 big wall pieces.
But the important thing is that I completed all the technical aspects of the hardest side while I was still 41 (Birthday Challenge completed!)…tomorrow I edge another year out on the mobile of life.

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