Less is More

The “box full of golden safety” was overbuilt and graceless compared to the simplicity of the previous boxes. The finished box is pictured directly above. It will work, but I really don’t like it. So I came up with another system.
The new safety feature maintains the spring clamps for the bottom unit, but replaces the crisscross mayhem of the walls. All the little fingers of wire pinning the edges (you can see them at the corners of the box above) made difficulties in joining the sides, and the added fiberglass blocks light while shadows from the wires are nearly a problem.
The new plan involves drilling a single hole at an upward angle into (and trying not to go all the way through…) each plate, making a wire hoop/pin to insert in the hole, and epoxying the wire in place. Once that sets, I will use a smaller wire to tie the pins in a daisy chain to the top and tie off at the eventual steel hanging structure. Although minimal in approach, this will likely be safer than the prior box, as the drilled pin is directly anchored. This new box is made of yellow sulfur block and formed with 28 plates. The prior boxes were made of white plain salt block and formed with 14 plates.

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