Momentary Desalination

Big Yellow is too heavy to rest on the fragile bottom plates, so I threw together a little hanging structure for it. I can move it around with a little wheely-cart under one side and me on the other end. The tall blue-boy flew nicely and I zipped all the edges and sanded all the fingerprints off, and made sure every connection had a nice layer of epoxy syringed into it. “Fiberglass is not glue”: an insight that led to the ‘box full of safety’ and the pins epoxied into the big Y box,  and led to a big 2 bottle package of two-part epoxy that I put into the syringe epoxy mix applicator (figuring this out- that I could buy the big refills and re-use the mix syringe seemed like a stroke of genius at the time- which shows just how amazing it is that any of this ever works out at all) and had another day’s worth of unplanned tweaking of all the boxes. While I was hefting them about, I also weighed each form, so that I can create the hanging structure with sandbag weights without having to risk breaking the boxes. All these forms are now stowed in the studio, and I spent way too long cleaning up the shop: salt dust sticks to every metal surface and etches and rusts it, and there was rust compacted under the walls and between the drywall boards and absolutely everywhere else. I threw out a lot of sub-par salt plates (I still have about five hundred pounds of them around- just in case I have a catastrophe) and moved the rest out to the tool shed.
My next step is getting back to metal work for the hanging structure, simultaneous to getting the salt stone letters sandblasted, making box-tops to keep the light from shining out of the top of the boxes, and prepping everything for creating the 3 wall hanging pieces (which will involve re-salination of the shop).
Hopefully I can get a lot of this worked out over the coming week and be ready to start on the Wall Pieces by the weekend, and get that handled by the time the LCD lighting arrives. Time is compressing!

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