What is the meaning of words without meaning?

All the stones are sandblasted and look pretty sharp. The stencil layer shows just how much the stone glows- that is just ambient light from overhead skylights on a cloudy afternoon. Then when the stencil is removed, the whole stone glows with the letters- making for great variations in different light.
The morning was spent tweaking the mobile rods. First I welded all of the little hoops for the wiring across the tops of the poles, but not the highest arm as I still I have to receive and weld on its D-Ring. Then it was engineering time, as I created “brakes” at the hanging hook/D-ring points as stops for swinging/smashing the boxes into center pole, (boxes and center pole are imaginary in this image). I had a few false starts, but it all came together well enough. Tomorrow I will grind it all out and seal it.
I headed over to the steel yard and picked up square tubing for the wall hanging pieces, and my buddy Shawn is planning to come by on the weekend and help me figure out a “French Cleat” for hanging it. That and figure some of the WTF of the layout.

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