On to the walls!

Saturday morning I got up early to beat the heat and welded the D-Ring to the last bar, ground/polished the entire bar, and painted it. I put a hook up under the back porch and painted it out there so it wouldn’t stink up the studio. Shawn came by and we brainstormed out how the frame should work- the lights need to drop in behind the stones and be accessible for changing, plus I need to be able to fly them into place from hanging hooks- yet the entire piece needs to be seamless and will be faced entirely with delicate salts- so no lifting it/putting pressure on an edge.
We got it all figured out, then hoped we could remember all the little finesses we came up with.
E headed out with me to Costco around 5pm to help me pick out an air conditioner for the studio. Even though the walls are 7 inches thick (drywall, R-19 fibergalss btwn studs, masonry drywall, foam board, exterior panel) the heat still crushes through by late afternoon. Alex had cut a hole and framed it for an air unit, but never put one in. All I needed to do was pull out the rectangle of insulation and sawz-all through the outside panel (then get a few more tools to really make it clean). I made a little platform that bolts from inside the studio and anchors against the outside wall, set the unit in place, packed dense foam around it then shot the edges with expanding foam inside and out. It is nice and solid- I just need to make a little roof for it and it will be cherry.
Sunday/Today I measured, cut, welded, and chased out all of the frames. I also laid down some stones on the floor inside a line of blue tape- actually, just over the line so the steel frame fits perfectly within the
dimensions of the stone pattern.
It had seemed I had bought too many “brick” sized salt stones, but it turns out I was about 1/3 short- so first thing tomorrow I order what I hope to be my final shipment of salt stone. Then I switch the metal cutting blade to a stone cutting blade on my big saw, and cut salt block tiles to match the dimension of the salt stones (8″ squares) before the heat chases me in to the luxury of an air-conditioned studio.

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