Wall Art Prep & Layout

Yesterday afternoon and part of today was spent masking off the stone & tile faces- most stones are laid face down, except for the lettered stones, so that I can see the color of the tiles/stones. What we see here will be the back, and the face will be a uniform surface. The steel frame will sit inside the border stones, and be flush with them for a seamless fit to the wall.
There are 9 stone bricks incorporated into the design, and 66 as borders. I had to sand these out, and got to that stage around 2pm- just when the shop really heats up. I made a factory of myself, and got it cranked out in about 2 hours. The stones finish out with individual character, color, and clarity- and I grouped them accordingly to facilitate layout.

Yesterday morning was spent insulating the shop. The temp was heading toward 100, and insulating the shop became a priority- as I will have to do a lot of metal work and fiberglass all the stone forms out there. The big sliding door and the garage door were soon insulated with foam board and foil wrapped bubble sheets (this stuff is really amazing), and I have a roll of r-19 fiberglass to fill the wall around the garage door and some other gaps (I’ll get around to that eventually). Now if I open the door to the air conditioned studio and run a fan out in the shop I can keep things fairly sane out there. Except for today, as all the salt dust was blowing into the studio, so I had to keep the door closed and just crank the fan and work like the devil before the sun blasted the west wall and baked through the insulation.

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