Re-doing work. arg.

4 of the 5 levels for the salt stone needed to be stripped down and repainted, as they were having issues with rust. Originally I had handled them with leather gloves while grinding them- the leather transferred salt dust to the metal, and I was still running my airline without a condensation collector. Somewhere in there is the reason. I ground the salt block side’s steel wearing latex gloves and with the condensation collector added to the air line and they still look perfect . This project had been sequestered away till the heat broke, which was today. So three hours of grinding off the clear coat and the rust, then an hour or better of floating the sections and re-painting them with clear coat.
I have yet to do the final welding on the main 20′ arm and grind and clear coat it. Looks like I know how I will be spending my 4th of July.

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