French Cleat system

The big trans-arm is back in the PonyCar garage, clear-coated and ready to fly. So it was back to the wall mounted pieces. My friend Shawn dropped by on Saturday and we brainstormed out how the French Cleat hanging system will work. A French Cleat creates a seamless fit to the wall and takes a bit of mirror/reverse thinking, and precise measurements to the stud spacing within the wall (this wall will have 12″ centers to facilitate hanging).
After repositioning the trans-arm I cut the metal for the first form, then re-cut a few pieces. The first one was finished out by 1:30, I took a quick lunch break then cut all the metal for the remaining pair. It took about 8 hours to get all the metalwork done right. One of the big squares was a hair off, and I had to cut it apart and re-weld it. All the welds done today had to be perfectly square and “true” as the pieces that mount to the wall must fit perfectly to their counterparts on the frame so that it all locks together when lowered into place.
I will have to build a 12 foot tall stand-alone frame to lift them into place, but that will be done on-site when they go in. They will weigh about 345 lbs each when finished. 
I also drilled out twin holes and welded a nut to the bottom inside of the top beam (middle image)- this anchors the hanging hooks that will fly the units into place, then allow the hooks to be removed. The same hollow center area will house the two drop-in light bars. The top of this area will be covered by stones that are removable and pin into position.


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