Light Bars and Counterweights

The gas tank for the welder is down to 700psi from starting at 2000psi. I think we can call the welder “broken in” now. It is entirely possible that today was it for welding. The aluminum angle bars slide down over 3/4″ angle iron, with a footing at the bottom. They came together clean and should work nicely- the aluminum angle will be the backing for the LCD light strips. They are removable for changing out the lights, and AL keeps the lights cool/ dissipates heat.

I made a point of not looking at the clock and went on with the hanging weights. Each eyehook has a bolt welded to it, and the weights all have bolts welded to an end. This makes them interchangeable- I have more weights than hooks, so hopefully I don’t need too many weights. If it turns out more are needed, they are easy to make and pretty cheap too.
For the trans-bar weight I added a nut to the far end, in case I need to add yet more weight. I’m guessing that attaching this at the high Salt Box end may balance out the sides and keep pressure off the D-Ring Brake.
A nice thunderstorm blew through just as I was cleaning out the shop. The wind gusted so hard I had to close all the doors as lawn furniture blew around the yard and garbage cans went rolling down the street. Between the storm and the compressed air and the vacuum and the broom, the metal grit is all cleaned away.
The stink-paint is now curing on the weights.

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