Sticking the Wall

The cool of the day was given over to laying down the wax-paper, then laying in the stones. I’m glad Shawn suggested doing the layup on easels, as gravity helped to pull everything together- not to mention the back pain avoided. I spent awhile sanding out a few edges for a tighter fit, and had to stop fitting some pieces as a flush edge here makes for an off bit there.
I clamped runs of wood along the outside edge to ensure the border bricks stayed put.
The steel frame fits within the frame, but drops into it just a hair too deep- so I will have to pick up some thin strap metal and weld it to the face of the frame to ensure that the metal frame sits on the French Cleats correctly. A minor complication that may have a good result of having more angles for the fiberglass to lock to the steel.
I cut the fiberglass to 4″x 60″ strips, then down to 4x 10 & 4 x 20 strips. This took up nearly all of my 9oz fiberglass cloth. I’m planning to seat the frames with looser mesh weave, and hope I have enough around.
If not, I’ll go on to creating the light-proof tops for the mobile’s Salt Boxes on Sunday.
That, or begin forming the protective boxes that will fit to the inside of the metal frames, and around the salt bricks- so I can transport the heavy beasts without crushing the delicate salt.

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