Ready to Flip

7am rain showers kept the day cool till the afternoon. The cool morning was quiet and calm, perfect for laying up the fiberglass. NPR cycled through their Sunday morning show twice. I broke off for lunch to let it cure, took a shower, lazed about, then put work clothes back on and headed back out. I ground down all the areas where fiberglass overlapped the back of the steel frames, and zipped off loose fibers, and smoothed out pokey bits. Next came vacuuming the fiberglass strands out of the studio, then out to the shop to sand down the work table, vacuum up all the metal grit, resin dust, and fiberglass. With a little bit of reorganizing I folded up the wall table and made some extra room. Shawn dropped by with his wife Holly, as I thought we could flip them- but the day’s cooler temps slowed the resin cure and we decided to wait til tomorrow. Just as well, as we figured I need to add more 2×4 bracing to the stands so we can roll them around to flip them with the hoist. Once face up, I’ll remove all the protective coverings, epoxy some areas a bit, polish things here and there, and seal them with bowling alley wax.

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