Quail Come to Roost

A quick trip to the foundry on Friday morning brought home 3 bronze quail, all in parts for me to weld together and chase out. The big Buck mold/frame also came home- the frame lashed to the rack atop the shell, and everything else in the bed of the truck. They will remain as you see them for quite awhile, as I have yet to finish up the chicks, mold them, and get them down to the foundry for wax & bronze pour. While they are out being cast, I will weld the adults up.
Of course, the mobile and wall pieces are still taking priority right now. Fitting the capstones has taken a bit, but in the cool of the am tomorrow I think I can get it all banged out- my guestimation is 3 hours of successful work time to have it completed. Completed, minus the lighting- which should be arriving soon.

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