Hen Weld & Chase begins…

Today I was reminded of “Popular Foundry Lies” : 1. We love your work. 2. We don’t use hammers. 3. It will be ready on Friday.
I used a lot of hammer today. A lot of hammer.

Prior to today I was prepping the skates. They poured nearly solid, and had a fair amount of shrinkage that needed fill. The biggest project was drilling and tapping 3/4 inch holes on the bottom of each wheel for the future event of basing them. This really beat up my arms. My drill batteries lasted a long time, but would get super hot by the time they ran out of juice- too hot to take a charge, so I put them in the freezer while I over heated the next battery, then charged it. This took a few days. I also didn’t buy any new bits, and my big bits from basing Orpheus & Eurydice aren’t too sharp anymore- but I’m not dropping $40 for a new one when it still cuts. I wonder if I can get it sharpened somewhere? Now that I’m done, I’m sure I’ll find a place to sharpen it.
After the skates I started prepping the hen. There were lots of pinholes from ceramic shell that needed welds, and a few big cracks, and some shrinkage/pitting that needed help. Once all that was taken care of, the two halves of the torso were welded together and chased out, then the tail was put in place and chased. Positioning the welds needed a third hand, but I made do with tack-welds and my big hammer.

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