Bucking Buck! (B ~ F)

The foundry had a few issues that compounded into pure aggravation for me.
Foundry Issue #1- someone in the wax room dropped a body panel and snapped off the edge- the triage they came up with bent the entire side inward and no one noticed and off it went to ceramic shell & casting.
Foundry Issue #2- the head failed in casting, and a new wax had to be pulled and fit to the bronze panels. The panels were hastily tack-welded, and one entire side folded over another (wax problem from #1)- but no matter- fit that wax to it! Now cast it in bronze.
This kind of “problem solving” by passing the problem down the line wound up with a cluster-buck on my hands.
As the temperature hit the mid 90s it became apparent just how far down the rabbit hole this fellow had gone. The kind of challenge this creates of overcoming some really dubious nitwittery makes for a long day of huge hammer blows, winches, clamps, cinch-straps, cutting blades, tack-welds, snapping off tack-welds, re-welding, and lots of coaxing and threatening and sailor-talk. As a bit gets tied down and welded in place, that throws out other areas- and they get wrestled down, and I re-discover my old trick of taping welding rod across a gap so I can prybar a gap together with one hand and weld with my other hand (and foot too).
After 6 hours of sculpture throw-down, the critter was as close to fit as humanly possible. There are some big gaps. I have some sprew-bars to fill them out. But some other day. It took the welder 20 minutes to cycle down after my last weld, as it was nearly 100 degrees in the shop by then.
My guess is that there will be similar issues fitting the body to the tail/skate. But first I have a day of welding out the top and chasing the whole thing into the shape of a bird again.
I’m glad the Hen came together so easily, or I would be losing my mind thinking all three were this bucked-up.

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