Bucking Buck: Day Two

Saturday and the weather gods sent clouds and rain-spatter all day so that I could put another 9 hours on Frankenstien’s Quail.
I closed off all of the big gaps, using old sprewbars as fill. Then I went inside and welded up some areas from the inside too- because Frankenstien’s  Quail will likely live a hard life full of risk and danger. Then it was time to grind down all the welds and chase them into a semblance of feathers. I’ll have to go back with a marker and draw out areas that need to be sculpted with weld- then weld up feathery shapes, and layer them, then re-chase the area and see how it works. That won’t happen till I get him all together and mostly birdlike.
With the torso rough chased, I wrapped strap webbing around his head and hoisted him into the air- then lowered him onto his tail & skate and positioned him with gravity and the hoist. (Sorry, no picts of that- I was in work mode) As soon as I had some tack-welds dropped in I lifted him back up- and he was too tall to make it onto the table, so I put a different strap on him and hoisted him to a lower table, then tipped him with the help of the hoist up onto the higher work-table. This way I can roll him around and drop the welds into the seams, and get a better angle for whaling on him with Mjolnir: The One True Hammer.
Mjolnir really pushed him back into form. I had left the bottom seams of the torso un-welded so that they would be able to move a bit for blunt-trauma positioning. A weld-and-whale combo moved the seam together. At one point the hammer made one blow on the opposite side of the seam (that multiple blows had hardly budged) and it collapsed like a watermelon. It was the last bit, so there was no way to pull it out- unless I drilled a hole into the bronze and tapped the hole then screwed in an eyebolt and clamped the sculpture down to the table and used the hoist to pull it back out: I almost did all that. almost.
Then he was all together, and I ground down the welds for chasing and called it a day.

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