Buck Flies to Hen for skating.

Another cool breezy day makes for 11 hours in the shop. The day started finishing up welds on the big Buck, then chasing/welding/chasing out his feathers. Then he flew down to skate next to the hen, and I continued chasing him out.
More changes are needed on him, but will be for “Tomorrow Dan” to take care of.
Then the next Buck made it onto the table. I ground a bevel on all of the edges to prep for welds, pulled all remaining ceramic shell pins and zipped out their little holes for fill-welds. The back of the head was welded in place, and the underside of the tail. The Argon gas tank was racing the dwindling welding rods to a forced stop, but I managed to fit the tail to the skate with inside welds as well. Tomorrow I’ll have to get the tank recharged and buy more rod.

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