Buck2: Tim – assemblage

Tim Buck2 has come together nicely. The days jumble up, but the work continues. When last we left Tim I had just welded the tail to the skate, welded the plugs under the tail and on the back of the head, and filled all the pinholes.
Next I chased all those welds out, somewhat dreading the next big weld-a-thon, as the prior buck was such a headache.

Yesterday the wax chicks and their molds were all ready for me to pick up. I had a nice top-down drive in the cool of the morning, then closed the top and put on the air to keep the wax cool for the ride home. I wax-chased three of them over the afternoon. This afternoon I’ll chase 4, and pour a few more to merge into a different chick altogether. I also have to cut a few apart once they are chased, change them up a bit, connect them back together and re-chase all the changes.

The day’s great concordance was that Tim came together as easily as the Hen. The major seams were all tight: of the two halves of the body, connecting the body to the tail, and adding the head. There was minimal need for the hammer, and the welds dropped in easily. This portion took nearly 6 hours on the other Buck, and took about two for Tim- with no need for sailor talk.

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