Wax Surgeries

After 20 hours of wax chase and repositioning surgeries, all 8 chicks are ready to fly back to the foundry and go through bronze pour. This will take about two weeks, then they return in pieces to be welded back together- and into position.
Elizabeth helped me position the wax chicks this morning, stacking and holding them like an avian wildlife expert while I figured which head needed to be turned where, whose wing should be higher, foot positions, and etc. This took more hands than we actually had, hence the lack of pictures. Then the brood moved back into the chill-room of the studio and I was sequestered for amputation/reattachment through the early evening.
Tim flew down from the table and the Hen really did take a shine to him- so they were the pair we fit the chicks to, and Frankenstien’s Buck will be the bachelor bird.
Tim still needs some chasing, then I need to bang out Mjolnir’s dent in Frank by drilling a hole on the opposite side of the dent and using a long steel rod to insert through him and bang on with MJ, then weld the hole closed and chase it out. Then I’ll diddle with trouble spots and unconvincing feathers for as long as I can bear it- while procrastinating on getting up to the park and pouring the bases so the concrete can cure for a few weeks before the finished birds alight.

Meanwhile, the Herriman Library project slumbers on- the lights may come in next week at last, but it may be another few weeks before they guys at the site are ready to have me come out and fly it.

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