Rainy Day Project: Chef

Chef dropped by and told me he had taken a fall in a wind-storm. He had obviously toughed out many other falls, as he had other less obvious breaks running underneath his arms and hips. The pain in his arm from the recent breakage had left him unable to bathe, so a sponge bath came first.

When he was distracted by a thunderclap I popped his arm back into place, and set about sealing his wounds up with a fiberglass poultice. I ground down the first application and applied another layer, then buffed it down smooth. Leaving the poultice to set, I took a spin to the local metal yard and picked up thirty pounds of steel plates.

 I found a big bolt in my drawer of doom, cut off the end and welded it to a steel bar. Then the nut was welded to a small offcut of square tubing, that was then welded to the large plate. Two pad-eyes were slid along the steel bar, and the bar was screwed into the nut- all in a nice line measured to fit between the front feet of Chef’s base. Shooting the bar through the feet of the base, and through the pad-eyes and twisting it home into the nut provides an anchor plate that is easily removed/added. Then I welded two ten pound slabs of plate to the main plate. Thirty five pounds of steel on the floor provide Chef with much greater stability, yet allows him to shift his position.
Chef had never felt so confident in stormy weather before- as a record amount of rain fell in 15 minutes.

The next day was dedicated to cosmetic surgery. Of course there was the shoulder and opposite neck, and under his arms/hips- but there were also many dings, bruises, and blemishes. His wooden base was in need of repair as well.

When all finished up Chef hoped to make some pastries that he hadn’t attempted in years.

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