On-Site at Herriman

When last we were at the library it was July 23, and Shawn and I were installing the wall-hanging salt forms. Since then the salt forms of the mobile have waited patiently for their lights to arrive. The lights arrived a few weeks back, but came without whips/tails. That just made more time for Quail.
The site Super – Gordy – has really made things go smoothly out there. He has managed all the lighting/wiring that leads to the sculpture, and has the electrician who did the control panels and systems for the LED’s scheduled to come in tomorrow and solder/join/connect the wiring on the mobile as it is flown into place. Gordy also provided the huge lift in the second image- the door had to be removed to fit it into the foyer.
Wednesday night I rented a 24 foot long moving van and Shawn came over and helped me load it full of all the steel and the big yellow box. All the rest of the salt forms went into Shawn’s pickup to ensure they had a safe trip. We arrived at the Herriman site Thursday morning with everything intact. Gordy had cleared the room adjacent to the mobile’s foyer site for set-up: well, they still had to install the ceiling tiles before we could really get started…
A few parts had yet to arrive for the LED control boards, and there were other wiring shenanigans up at the 40 foot ceiling that kept things stymied. So I drove the moving truck back to the rental and Shawn gave me a ride home on his way to work. I drove back to the library and the room was clear for me to start assembling the Salt Stone forms.
Some of the connecting pins were painted shut and needed coaxing with pliers, but it all came together without a hitch by around 2pm. Next Gordy set me up with all the lights for the entire project, and as the day crept toward 100 degrees, I started wiring up the Salt Stones. By 6pm I had done 32 lights and in that time figured how best to wrap the tails up into the hanging pins and to the hanging structure. Before calling it a day I pulled all the center light bars from the Salt Boxes so I could mount all their lights at home after dinner.
I arrived on site Thursday a little after 7am and re-assembled all the light bars back into the Salt Boxes. Then I finished out the remaining 16 lights and tails on the Salt Stones. After that I went about combining all the tails for a “daisy-chain” of wiring and running them along the steel arms of the hanging structure, zip-tying them when necessary. Apparently the need for the wiring to be clear or silver didn’t get to the wiring company, and all the wires are black & red. They attach to the larger clear wiring that I had hunted down, after a pro told me my best bet was from a hardware store- and sure enough, with 2 floor helpers consulting we found it. So the part I had say in is right- but I’m guessing even the big height this will fly at and the wires being on the tops of the bars/hidden by the salt may not be enough to obscure the red wires. yarg. if it really bugs me I can always go up in the the library’s little cherry-picker and paint them. double-yarg.
Shawn made a side trip from another errand for work to see if we could get something flown into place. We had to wait on the lift, as the electrician was way up at the top of the wall mapping the wires and setting them to the controls for all the wiring on the sculpture (this relays back to a control panel in the library offices). Shawn had driven the lift around a bit earlier in the day to figure it out, and when the lift was free we hefted the 20 foot long trans-pole to the 8 foot platform, then up onto the railing padded with blankets. Then the big lift scissored us up 30 feet to the monster hook on the hanging pole and we clicked into place, swung the bar side to side and up & down, and dropped back to the floor. We went back and looked at all the salty forms that need to fly up there, and scratched our heads a bit- then Shawn left for the long drive back to work.

I mounted all the lights for the wall art that we had installed back in July, then got on a ladder and slid them home- they just need an electrician to bring juice through the wall and tie in- then I can place the capstones. The electrician started soldering the tails to the clear wire and will continue doing the same in the a.m. Then the day was done, and there was nothing left to do but drive home and load all my sandbag weights into the truck for tomorrow’s ballast when the salt learns to fly.

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