Herriman Mobile: wiring the lights

Big meeting this Thursday to discuss “the bend”. The trans-bar should have remained as it was in the installation pictures when flying Big Yellow and the Three White boxes & the counterweight. I left the counterweight in place as a safety precaution, letting it rest in the lift with me as the final level was added. This was the last section of the entire piece to add. The weight of the last section and the counterweight brought the trans-bar to level, where the “moment” of weight is at its greatest. I had forgotten about tying down the opposite end (stones), as I had done the day before, and it raised up as the long delicate blue box took all our attention. I started removing counterweights to let the blue box begin to float, and it flew much lower than I had expected. I had flown it from a 4 foot drop pin, but brought the box back into the lift and put on a 3 inch pin instead. At this point I knew something was going wrong: the trans-bar had bowed under the double weight of the last level coupled with the stone end rising to level.
The whole thing looks great from the ground, but it no longer lifts into the big space of full windows. The engineer has looked at it and deemed it stable and safe. I’d wanted flexation in the pole, and it would have been fine- but just a few things crept together and now the bowed curve is there to stay. I’m making some drawings and will present them to committee on Thurs for an additional element that would engage the high window wall.
Other than that, two full days of wiring. Yesterday with help from an electrician on the salt block side, and today (7am-7pm) on my own knocking out the salt stone side.

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