The Covey of Quail get acrobatic.

This morning was going to be spent on the bike, but the temp was the only thing to get up in the morning. This may be one of the last days to hit the mid 90’s of the year- what better way to spend it than baking out in the shop in full welding gear!

First was welding up some shell-inclusion and plasma-torch holes on the chicks and chasing them out. Then a few weld/chase areas from yesterday didn’t pass standard in the morning light and needed re-done.  Then I welded two stainless steel bolts together to span the distance between the skates of the hen & buck, then welded them to the front  skate wheels. Another pair of bolts connected the span of the rear wheels. I hoisted them into the air to try to get a fuller weld, but needed to set them back down and weld a stainless bolt across thier backs first. This bolt also ensures that they remain stable later- I intended to weld under their tail/wings where their sides meet, but the point of contact rolls way under and I couldn’t see how to do it without making a mess of things (which means now I have to figure it out tomorrow…)

Elizabeth joined in with a welding jacket, heavy gloves, and my old flash-helmet. She held the chicks in place while I tack-welded them. They stacked up quickly, which was good as the day’s heat was beginning to bake through. We finished up just as my enthusiasm for the work was reaching the shop melting point.

On a cooler day I’ll go back through and weld everything securely, tip the buck/hen onto their tails and weld them together from the underside, then chase everything out. That, and weld the last chick to the bachelor quail.

Two weekends in a row of getting the monster commissions wrestled down.


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