Quail Family Outing

Today was dedicated to transporting the quail to the foundry for sandblast & patina.

The rental trailer backed easily through the gate and into the garage. Then the family group was hoisted up and I backed the trailer under them, lowered them down, and cinch-strapped them in. Then I pulled fwd, hoisted the Buck/chick and repeated the procedure.

I stopped a few blocks out and was problem solving the tie-down a bit more, and a Harley-guy (without motorcyle, but with nice handlebar mustache) walked over and gave the strapping a look-over. He pronounced it sound for travel. I told him I was going to take back-roads, and he recommended I take the highway- as it is glass smooth and no starts/stops vs railroad tracks, potholes, man-hole covers, and many lights of the slower backroads. He said not to panic if they are moving a little, or if one or another tie-down looks a little slack as they will pull against eachother. It was really good advice, and everything he said proved true. I arrived at the foundry without mishap.

I lifted the buck/chick out with help from another pair of hands. The family of quail required me to wrap them in webbing again, and we lifted them out with a forklift. Then they were off to sandblast (after a quick beef-up of the weld between the Buck/Hen). Once sandblasted all the problem areas of chasing show up. The patina man was impressed that the areas were so few, but there were some areas. Some of the areas I’d been leery of disappeared after sandblasting, but there were a few trouble spots that needed a bit of fill and rechasing. I marked them with a sharpie and left them for the foundry to tweak for me- as I had to deliver the rental back to the shop.

Tomorrow I dig the plots for the base, and hopefully pour concrete as well, as the weather is forecast to turn rainy on Thursday. Then Thurs I’ll head back to the foundry to stand about and point durning patina.



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