Dig Hole, Add Concrete

An early start for hole diggin. One 5′ circle, and on the other side of the park, one 4′ circle, each 6 inches deep with a central plug going down another 18 inches or so. More fussing to ensure the forms for the holes worked out, a sprinkling of 75lbs of sand, rebar cages put in the central plugs, and I was ready for concrete. I picked up the pre-mix concrete in a little come-a-long, put in 8 pints of black & red coloring (for a “warm black”), headed back up to the site, backed up to the hole, and started dropping in concrete. I added expanded metal sheets and covered them with more concrete- and then it was full. The SLC Arts Council project manager stopped over and helped me smooth out the surface, then I drove around the park and poured the other form, and we smoothed that one out. He stayed at the park and continued smoothing the surface while I drove the come-a-long back.

I got back to the park and it was time to hurry up and wait for the concrete to set. It had stiffened, but was still hours from a hard surface. I watched as a mom drove up to the other side of the park and unloaded 4 little kids and headed to the jungle-gym sandbox. The kids had almost discovered the concrete form. I considered walking over and asking the mom to make sure the kids kept clear of the concrete when they got back into the car, but that seemed a bit over the top. About an hour later when they were leaving the kids were all fine, until the mom took an extra few seconds to get a car-seat situated and the little boy noticed the concrete- walked onto the platform, squatted down and doodled a mark with his hand, leapt up and dragged a foot as he loped back to the car. I don’t think his mom even noticed. I sat there across the park nodding my head. The concrete had cured enough that he just left little tracks that I blotted out with the side of my hand- not the smooth surface, but not too bad- besides it will have a sculpture on it. Things were pretty quiet in the park around 6pm. Elizabeth drove up after work. It was cured out enough that it wasn’t even good for scratching a name into- we headed home and I imagine the arrival of 5th graders and JrHigh kids all descending on the forms with little sticks and lots of misspelled words.


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