Quail Fly to Davis Park

Last night I took the shell off the truck and packed the cab full of stuff I’d likely need for installation. At 7am I left to pick up the birds at the foundry, and was back to Davis Park by 9:30 with the birds in the back of the truck. The forklift rig was delivered at 10am, and that is when Shawn arrived, as well as arts council reps Roni & Glen.

My computer dumped half the pictures from today, so only one “process” shot.

Once the birds were in the air I made a template of the holes in the bottoms of the skates (where the 6″x3/4″ stainless steel bolts fit). Of course all the drilled/tapped holes for the stainless bolts set the bolts at slightly different angles. When hammer-drilling out the recieving holes in the concrete we needed to widen a few of them out quite a bit. After screwing in the bolts to the skates and raising and lowering the bird a few times, we had things ready to go. Then we decided I hadn’t bought enough concrete epoxy, and I needed a “pipecleaning” brush to clean the sides of the holes, and a shop-vac to suck & blow the detritus from the holes. So Shawn and I took a quick trip.

Upon returning I used a caulk gun to squirt in the concrete epoxy, and as we went to lower the bird we found that the epoxy had already set- in less than 5 minutes. It is supposed to have a 30 minute work time, but temperature quickens the set- and it was 80 degrees. We had to redrill out the holes, and the eopxy sets harder than the concrete. We had to rework the holes a bit to seat the bird right, then I pumped in a tubefull lickety split with the bird hovering over the holes and Shawn waiting in the driver’s seat- and lowered it quickly in place. The epoxy actually smoked as is kicked off.

Roni had to take off for meetings, but went out and picked up lunch for us all before heading out. That saved the day.

The covey of quail went in pretty smoothly- template, drill holes, widen holes to fit bird, shoot in epoxy with the caulk-gun and I crushed the gun with my monkey strength. With only half holes half-filled I told Shawn to drop the birds and we set them in place. Then Shawn went out and scrounged two more caulk-guns and I used up all the rest of the concrete epoxy finishing out the covey and touching up the single buck.



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