New Pole for Herriman

The trans-pole for Herriman library needs to be replaced, after being reviewed by a an outside engineering firm. If you recall, it had bent quite a bit. This is the new pole: a 4″x 21′ standard pipe, ground down to bare metal (5 hours of grinding). 

I also changed up the hanging hardware, as the hooks on the bent pole were not formally strong enough. I switched to the pear-shaped forms, as they function better to hang drop of the two sides.

The big D-Ring is also a shift- about two to three times the size of the prior ring to read with the massive pipe.

The washers across the top are also a beefier upgrade from the prior pipe, for running wire.

My studio monkey, Walt, helped get all the hanging hardware welded in place this morning, supervising my welding process, and provided the momentum for our lightening flash errand to the nut-and-bolt shop.  Once the studio labor was completed, we all ( the in-laws: Walt & Kaye and the wife) drove out to Herriman for our second attempt to see the mobile. A good portion of Herriman caught fire yesterday and burned up the hillsides and a few houses- but the library is fine: and we looked at the mobile and wall pieces.  We all reloaded from Walt’s Buick into the 64.5 PonyCar for a quick drive-by Davis “Quail” Park confirmed that the quail were still in place and roosting for the winter season, on our convertible sunset tour up Big Mountain to see the trees changing color. 

Now the pipe is ready for a clean grind and clear coat for the mobile trans-pipe. 

Next Wednesday is likely the day I will take down the entire mobile-scupture, then the construction crew will use the lift to rework their slightly slipshod drywall work, and then I’ll re-hang the whole thing that weekend with the new pole.


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