Finished Pole Flying In Shop

Yesterday the pole recieved a clean-grind of the entire surface, then the clear-coat. Even with a respirator on and the shop fully open the clear-coat nearly shut me down. Really wicked stuff when it starts to kick off, but nothing else will act as a primer & sealer for bare metal. Out at the library they are pouring a concrete pad at the entrance with heating coils- getting the coils in place took some time, and now the concrete has to fully cure. This puts me another week out. Next Wed we hope to get a lift back in over the new concrete, and Shawn and I will take the whole thing down. Then the lift is used by the construction crew to replace drywall that was hung incorrectly, and Shawn and I return over the first weekend of October to re-install the mobile. Til then, it will float out in the shop (and through the door to the studio).


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