Herriman Mobile Comes Down

Shawn and I headed out early and arrived at the library around 8 a.m. The first image is the lift we’ll use to take the entire mobile down and put it back up. The prior lift was exponentially larger and had nearly double the load capacity- but this little unit can really snake into some hard areas, and we couldn’t have gotten it down as easily with the larger lift, or at all due to the bent pole. The bent pole that made this redo necessary created some problematic areas- the big hook ends both twisted, one end wanted to let the whole side slip off, and the other side wanted to never let go. There are a few close-ups of the big hooks so you can get an idea of the problem solving on-the-fly to get everything to behave. The bend also set the stone side directly in the middle of the room, as the weight came off the block side- and the stone fans settled down on the arms of the lift and swung under the levels of the lift arms. We had to fish them out of the way by dangling down the hook end of a cinch strap while slowly rotating the lift. Lots of silly business like that kept us from moving too quickly, but we hit a nice persistant stride and walked along till the entire piece was on the ground.

We were home by 7pm. Really, kind of amazing that we could do it all in one day.

Today I loaded the new pole into the back of a 24′ U-Haul, and delivered it out to the site, then loaded the bent pole and brought it back to the studio. Flying the new pole will have a whole new set of issues, but I hope I’ve thought of most of them and how we can keep everything flying in harmony as we pile on the mass. It seems possible to get it all back up in one day, as long as we keep our wits about us and anticipate the canteliver. We’ll find out on Saturday.



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