Lit Wall Salts


The new transformers finally arrived, and immediatly fried out. I suggested we just bypass that system and wire them directly- which works. We can’t bypass on the mobile though- so no light there. We are down to the week of the library opening, next week, when the latest transformer fix comes back. The problem wasn’t addressed on the last fix, instead the fried parts were replaced under the assumtion that my wiring or the electrician’s wiring had caused the problem (though we both knew that wasn’t the case- and that was proved out today when it all fried out again…). Now the folks who make the computer boards for the display controls have a mystery on their plate, with a fast approaching deadline- and their #1 genius out on vacation.

Meanwhile, I could finally put the stone caps on the tops of the units, as I had been waiting til we could test the lights. The white unit (far right) needed a bit of tweaking so I brought it home and worked it as minimally as I could, as I don’t want to risk snapping it with vibrations of power tools. It should be fine now. I’ll head back out tomorrow and set it, as well as mix up more 5 minute epoxy with milled glass as grout and do some touch-up, then give it all a final wax.


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