Topknot Re-Sprouts


With my big TIG welder in Glen’s trailer, and pulling a big rented diesel generator to power the welder with my truck- we got to the park and the new topknot went on quickly. We had things prepped on Monday, but were rained/psyched out by the brewing spattering never coming together storm. Just as well, as the breeze would have puffed away my gas envelope for welding.

I pulled the plug apart for the TIG and hard wired directly into the generator- I was unoficially shown how to do this at the rental place, then there was a little hysteria over liability issues and they told me to hire an electrician, then the manager came out and showed me how to do it anyway. It is really simple, but if you cross a wire when setting up out on the site, or when you put it all back together and fire up the welder in your own shop- blam! and of course most nitwits would cry foul that they blew up their own stuff by not following simple directions- so I can see why the rental place was squeamish.

Tim is happy, and so are the park patrons and neighbors.


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