Monthly Archives: November 2010

It snowed and snowed- after shovelling the walk & driveway twice by noon, it was time to goof off in earnest: gingerbread style.

We had a gingerbread mini-village set of five houses- they were waaay too small so we amalgamated them into a cathedral. There are stained glass windows made from gum-drops and melted peppermint drops. Then a wind of powdered sugar blew around the gables and frosted the side of the church- blown through a straw while E made sugar-snow through a sieve.


Looks like the critters will be wintering in the park. We braved the UU/BYU football traffic to stop by the park and check in on them. They seemed fine on the roller skates, so I kept the ice skates in the trunk.

Out in Herriman the mobile lights were all still working- at some point I’ll head out at dusk so we can see the big blocks lit up.

We only give candy to those brave enough to walk the pumkin gauntlet of anklebiting terror: so far that has been all comers. Just three groups of ghouls so far- as All Hallow’s Eve fell on a Sunday here in The Land Of Zion where it was officially decreed as a no-no to go trick-or-treating on The Lord’s Day. Last night was the busy night, comparatively, even though it rained for hours.

We made a few additions to go with our pumkins carved at Friday’s Jack-O-Lantern party (where I took third place to a pumpkin-picture of a stripper on a pole in First, and a solidly done grinning pumkin taking Second; the guy standing next to me advised, “Next year you might want to dumb it down a bit”- the same advise that has proved out again and again in public art).

Today’s additions are a squash getting eaten by a pumkin, and a dead pumpkin with a ghost arising from his corpse.