Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Gauntlet

We only give candy to those brave enough to walk the pumkin gauntlet of anklebiting terror: so far that has been all comers. Just three groups of ghouls so far- as All Hallow’s Eve fell on a Sunday here in The Land Of Zion where it was officially decreed as a no-no to go trick-or-treating on The Lord’s Day. Last night was the busy night, comparatively, even though it rained for hours.

We made a few additions to go with our pumkins carved at Friday’s Jack-O-Lantern party (where I took third place to a pumpkin-picture of a stripper on a pole in First, and a solidly done grinning pumkin taking Second; the guy standing next to me advised, “Next year you might want to dumb it down a bit”- the same advise that has proved out again and again in public art).

Today’s additions are a squash getting eaten by a pumkin, and a dead pumpkin with a ghost arising from his corpse.


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