Monthly Archives: December 2010

After a week of rain the wax-paper portion of the ornaments out on the yard tree softened up (they had survived a week of rain last xmas season as well). After a quick night time recon, E & I proceeded to strip down the ornaments and save back the usable bits. We had been saving all sorts of pie plates, cans, and etc- and set about remaking the ornaments with outdoor-proof media. They have a nice red & green peppermint to them now.

The star-cluster for the top of tree went to our flagpole holder, as the tree had grown too tall/wide over the summer for me to reach the top. 

A day of 40mph wind blew in our latest snow storm, and only one ornament was broken- I’ll glue it back together tonight.

Also is a picture of the indoor xmas tree, and our version of a zero-emmission fire in the fireplace, awaiting company for dinner on xmas day.

The xmas tree is really lovely. This year we added ornaments that had been E’s grandmother’s (her parents brought them from the Ohio farm when they visited in late summer), and a few odds and ends from my father’s ranch that have a second life on the tree, plus two glass orbs from friends and two more that E & I created at Kaarg Glass last xmas in Wichita on a fun family outing.

We may have procrastinated a bit too long on getting all the presents wrapped, that has been the evening’s little project- they all head to the post office tomorrow.

When last we saw Chef he had taken a fall in a spring windstorm and needed some doctoring. I also had welded up a steel weight that fit under his platform- he got a little sporadic with using his weight, and sure enough, the wind knocked him down again. He took quite a crack to the baker’s cap this time, and lost a thumb as well- he also stepped off his wooden platform. With his feet freed up he strolled around the studio making analogies between sculpting and baking while I prepped his base for reattachment. Soon enough he was settled back in place, and his broken parts were seamed up, sanded down, and painted back to normal. I put his scarf and cap back on in case he gets chilly out in the studio.