Artsy Ornaments / Recycled Bling-Bling

After a week of rain the wax-paper portion of the ornaments out on the yard tree softened up (they had survived a week of rain last xmas season as well). After a quick night time recon, E & I proceeded to strip down the ornaments and save back the usable bits. We had been saving all sorts of pie plates, cans, and etc- and set about remaking the ornaments with outdoor-proof media. They have a nice red & green peppermint to them now.

The star-cluster for the top of tree went to our flagpole holder, as the tree had grown too tall/wide over the summer for me to reach the top. 

A day of 40mph wind blew in our latest snow storm, and only one ornament was broken- I’ll glue it back together tonight.

Also is a picture of the indoor xmas tree, and our version of a zero-emmission fire in the fireplace, awaiting company for dinner on xmas day.


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