Wax Chase

Peter’s arms are attached, shown in the first image- but the wax has air bubbles throughout, so I’ll likely use his twin who is still at the foundry- we’ll see.

The other male figure is 1/4 life size, so half the size of Peter. I still have to add in the wooden staff he was posing with- probably from his L hand to the ground, then leave the space across his body blank, and continue it upward from his R hand.

The female figure needed a base. To make the base I created a plaster cast of a rectangular pan- this plaster is then soaked in water, removed from the water and let stand for five minutes, then I pour in hot wax. This creates a thin sheet of wax that I use to create the circular base.

The photos reveal spots at her shoulder where her arm reattachment needs tweaking.

Finished enough for a blog update…



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