Sky Bridges & Zip Lines in the Cloud Forest

We started our Costa Rica adventure by travelling high up into the mountains ( a three hour van ride- the last few clicks take a full hour as the narrow dirt road gets rough). The transition from arid hillsides to full on rainforest is dramatic and surprising. We stayed in a great hotel, the Fonda Vela, just within a narrow band of transitional forest to the true rainforest. From there it was a quick jump up into the cloud forest for an immersion in an amazing world of living splendor. We spent the morning walking a long network of sky bridges guided by Juan Carlos, a man who had grown up in the little town at the cusp of the forest. He would whistle the calls of birds and frogs so we could discern them from the silvery soft noises filling the air. An image included here shows his thumb next to an orchid- it is just a centemeter or two tall at full maturity.

In the afternoon we did the zip-line course. 13 lines with the last line running 1000 meters, or 1/2 mile! At about the 9th line the weather turned to rain- a lovely soft misting. The storm grew stronger and stronger, and by the last long run it was raining so hard it blurred out the world. The line was done blinded by rain and powerwashed through and through. A remarkable experience.

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