Getting Smurfy

Today was a pretty spring day, around 55 degrees- the winter blaghs had me wrestled down on these figures til now. Cmonster was feeling loungy after yesterday’s spring-snow ski-slushathon up at Park City, but I actually had a bit of gumption. The pony car gave up its stall, the workbench folded down from the wall, the compressor filled itself up, and the TIG welder rolled out of storage. The first stage was grinding down all the sprewbars and fitting the “windows” in place. The small man welded up quickly, followed by both halves of Elizabeth. Tomorrow I weld up the separate halves of Peter. Once all the separate halves have all their windows restored, then I’ll chase them while they are still easy to roll around. Once this is done I’ll weld the top half to the bottom half, for both Peter & E- then chase out those welds. Still quite a way to go…

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