Monthly Archives: May 2011

The big mean roostaur got going today (yesterday was dedicated to planting around 50 new plants that finally arrived in the mail, #2 of 3 rounds of mail-order plants to go in this year). All his “windows” were chased out for starters, then his comb was polished up and welded into position. Next the legs eventually met with the body. This took a lot of experimenting with clamps, torsion, and hammer blows. The tail sat in place with the magic of gravity and zippered into place. I skipped lunch, and it finally caught up with me around 4pm, so I shut things down and mowed the lawn before hitting the shower. Soon though, he’ll have all his parts in place.

She came together easily enough. After grinding down the welds, I chased texture back in on all of the welds from yesterday. Then the legs welded up to the torso, then the tail spouted out. It was easy to roll about still, so I chased all that out- then welded on the torso. The welder ran out of gas as I finished the last bit, and I was down to about a foot of welding rod- so perfect timing. I left the torso weld to chase out tomorrow…

I made a couple of goofy wax forms and snuck them down to the foundry when you weren’t looking, and here they are cast out and ready for welding. Two big Centaur Chickens; a Hentaur & Roostaur.

I prepped the welds, then welded in all the windows removed for ceramic shell- about 16 of them. Before I weld the big parts together I’ll chase out all the smaller welds.

A lot of hammer use can be seen on the inside tail- a stubborn piece. I kept the big hammer in the drawer and used a smaller ball-pien to make suggestions. I welded one side to anchor it in place, then beat on the opposite edge to slowly fold it into place, alternating with a bead of weld as it began to seat into place. All the other forms only needed an occational adjustment tap from the hammer. I only cleaned my tungsten welding tip once, and should have done so a bit more- so the welds became wider than they really needed to be, which makes for a bit more chasing.

I’m guessing I’ll need to pick up more Argon gas for the welder(been running on empty since welding up Peter & Elizabeth), and a new bundle of welding rod (3 rods left). It is a race to see which will give out first, the gas or the welding rod.