Hatching Hentaurs

I made a couple of goofy wax forms and snuck them down to the foundry when you weren’t looking, and here they are cast out and ready for welding. Two big Centaur Chickens; a Hentaur & Roostaur.

I prepped the welds, then welded in all the windows removed for ceramic shell- about 16 of them. Before I weld the big parts together I’ll chase out all the smaller welds.

A lot of hammer use can be seen on the inside tail- a stubborn piece. I kept the big hammer in the drawer and used a smaller ball-pien to make suggestions. I welded one side to anchor it in place, then beat on the opposite edge to slowly fold it into place, alternating with a bead of weld as it began to seat into place. All the other forms only needed an occational adjustment tap from the hammer. I only cleaned my tungsten welding tip once, and should have done so a bit more- so the welds became wider than they really needed to be, which makes for a bit more chasing.

I’m guessing I’ll need to pick up more Argon gas for the welder(been running on empty since welding up Peter & Elizabeth), and a new bundle of welding rod (3 rods left). It is a race to see which will give out first, the gas or the welding rod.




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