Monthly Archives: June 2011

Roostaur with final patina: I think he is pretty snaz-oh! I had some fun bringing up different colors in his tail, and a hint of red in his comb. I decided I would do my own patina, which meant finally getting my own sandblasting unit. I also customized my air line by adding an additional 25 feet of hose that sits coiled in a five gallon bucket full of cold water, before going through the dehumidifier. This chills the heated air coming from the compressor and allows more water to be removed from the line. I fill the entire dehumidifier bottle every hour now, while before the water was moslty going through my tools. This little innovation keeps the sandblaster from getting choked with glass bead mud.


The Undead have been marauding in the area, and Carmine proved up under their shuffling aussalt but came away with a festering zombified wound. It is a necratic wound, similar to the bite of a Brown Recluse Spider or a Hobo Spider, but not as tissue degenerative. Fearing my Zombie-Double-Tap, she played down the seriousness of the wound, letting me be convinced that it was just a scratch healing up under a tough scab. In fact it was festering under a matted mess of puss-infused fur. I shaved away the surrounding hair and softened up the matted scab with hydrogen peroxide then slowly pulled the gory mess apart to reveal the Eye-Of-Jupiter necratic blister. Classic Zombie bite!

I tested the wound for Reanimate Necrosis (Zombification) by catching a goldfish from the pond and rubbing it against the wound. I then put the fish in about two inches of un-airated water in a black bucket out in the hot sun. The fish died by mid-afternoon and is now in the fridge, it still shows no sign of reanimation. I will keep checking in on the fish, as I tend to Carmine’s wound. I have a machete recovered from out in the yard from the Undead seige of 1975, I put a keen edge on it and have it handy…

Even bronze animals aren’t safe in the city. The two chicks remaining are the emotionally traumatized bottom of a stack of seven chicks. I headed up this morning and filed down the jagged weld lines on their heads and shoulders where their siblings had perched. While I was there a resident came out and told me he regularly watches kids playing on them like a jungle gym and noticed the chicks were getting flexible- and that he was watching when it was broken. A swarm of 4 & 5 year old kids were hanging and swinging from the chicks while the parents watched- then a 7/8yr old little boy went to town on it and proudly ripped it off for ol mom & dad to wow over.

Another resident sidled up later and told me the pieces are constantly swarmed by children while parents look on, and that parents encourage the interaction. He watched as a little girl got herself a bit stuck, while her mother fiddled with her toddler. He went over and lifted the girl out and handed her back over, saying there was nothing wrong with kids playing on them, but maybe she should keep an eye out- and the mom stalked off shouting back over her shoulder that the birds shouldn’t be in the park if kids aren’t allowed to climb on them. Nice. He was an older gentleman and was still a bit flustered by her response- as he’d never said they shouldn’t be climbed on. They probably get more action that the jungle gym 300 feet away.

I expect any parent would be proud to watch as their young make their first kill.

Three of the birds were recovered. Two, I’m guessing, were ripped off prior to the final three, and taken back to the den as trophies.

It may be best to just leave it as is…

A mishmash of a few things here. A nice new vase (Tuesday Morning 50% off of 50% off the clearance price for a total of $7.50, down from $74) holding Iris that the wind toppled last night, a new little sequin Easter bunny for $3 bcs his egg backpack was sans eggs- so E added eggs and his Easter basket making him better than new. He is the harbinger of spring/summer and so lots of picts from around the yard of flowers. Elizabeth has been making rediculously healthy and palette zapping dinners as an experiment in self-domestication. Pictured are two examples of the amazing dinners she prepared last week: Asian Scallops with Soba-Noodle Cucumber salad, and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Asparagas and Canadian Bacon Melts-  dinner drinks are up to me, and unfortunatley don’t quite keep up, as both are just hooched up sodas. Then there are a few before/after shots of repainting the green walls that frame the back yard. I started with the shop door, which shows the new/old contrast. The S & W walls of the sun-room aren’t pictured but recieved new green as well. The columns used to be grey: I stripped them, bondo-ed over their weather-worn paint-peeled areas, sanded them down, and painted them green as well. The pond is finally behaving itself, with the water crystal clear, chock full of lilly pads & lillies (a storm was rolling in so the lillies had all closed but one), and healthy goldfish. I delivered the bronze trout up to his new home in the hills past Park City, he will sit by a little pond fed by a mountain stream- I should have picts posted of that after it is installed next week.