Peter Cottontail Finally Brings Spring Flowers

A mishmash of a few things here. A nice new vase (Tuesday Morning 50% off of 50% off the clearance price for a total of $7.50, down from $74) holding Iris that the wind toppled last night, a new little sequin Easter bunny for $3 bcs his egg backpack was sans eggs- so E added eggs and his Easter basket making him better than new. He is the harbinger of spring/summer and so lots of picts from around the yard of flowers. Elizabeth has been making rediculously healthy and palette zapping dinners as an experiment in self-domestication. Pictured are two examples of the amazing dinners she prepared last week: Asian Scallops with Soba-Noodle Cucumber salad, and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Asparagas and Canadian Bacon Melts-  dinner drinks are up to me, and unfortunatley don’t quite keep up, as both are just hooched up sodas. Then there are a few before/after shots of repainting the green walls that frame the back yard. I started with the shop door, which shows the new/old contrast. The S & W walls of the sun-room aren’t pictured but recieved new green as well. The columns used to be grey: I stripped them, bondo-ed over their weather-worn paint-peeled areas, sanded them down, and painted them green as well. The pond is finally behaving itself, with the water crystal clear, chock full of lilly pads & lillies (a storm was rolling in so the lillies had all closed but one), and healthy goldfish. I delivered the bronze trout up to his new home in the hills past Park City, he will sit by a little pond fed by a mountain stream- I should have picts posted of that after it is installed next week.

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