Five Quail Chicks Eaten By Children As Proud Parents Look On

Even bronze animals aren’t safe in the city. The two chicks remaining are the emotionally traumatized bottom of a stack of seven chicks. I headed up this morning and filed down the jagged weld lines on their heads and shoulders where their siblings had perched. While I was there a resident came out and told me he regularly watches kids playing on them like a jungle gym and noticed the chicks were getting flexible- and that he was watching when it was broken. A swarm of 4 & 5 year old kids were hanging and swinging from the chicks while the parents watched- then a 7/8yr old little boy went to town on it and proudly ripped it off for ol mom & dad to wow over.

Another resident sidled up later and told me the pieces are constantly swarmed by children while parents look on, and that parents encourage the interaction. He watched as a little girl got herself a bit stuck, while her mother fiddled with her toddler. He went over and lifted the girl out and handed her back over, saying there was nothing wrong with kids playing on them, but maybe she should keep an eye out- and the mom stalked off shouting back over her shoulder that the birds shouldn’t be in the park if kids aren’t allowed to climb on them. Nice. He was an older gentleman and was still a bit flustered by her response- as he’d never said they shouldn’t be climbed on. They probably get more action that the jungle gym 300 feet away.

I expect any parent would be proud to watch as their young make their first kill.

Three of the birds were recovered. Two, I’m guessing, were ripped off prior to the final three, and taken back to the den as trophies.

It may be best to just leave it as is…

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