Carmine’s Zombie Bite


The Undead have been marauding in the area, and Carmine proved up under their shuffling aussalt but came away with a festering zombified wound. It is a necratic wound, similar to the bite of a Brown Recluse Spider or a Hobo Spider, but not as tissue degenerative. Fearing my Zombie-Double-Tap, she played down the seriousness of the wound, letting me be convinced that it was just a scratch healing up under a tough scab. In fact it was festering under a matted mess of puss-infused fur. I shaved away the surrounding hair and softened up the matted scab with hydrogen peroxide then slowly pulled the gory mess apart to reveal the Eye-Of-Jupiter necratic blister. Classic Zombie bite!

I tested the wound for Reanimate Necrosis (Zombification) by catching a goldfish from the pond and rubbing it against the wound. I then put the fish in about two inches of un-airated water in a black bucket out in the hot sun. The fish died by mid-afternoon and is now in the fridge, it still shows no sign of reanimation. I will keep checking in on the fish, as I tend to Carmine’s wound. I have a machete recovered from out in the yard from the Undead seige of 1975, I put a keen edge on it and have it handy…


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