13 years in the making, and counting…

I sculpted the original of this way back in 1998- the model held the pose for about two hours. In 2001 I made this Aluminum casting while casting a passel of other work for my MFA (she didn’t make the show). I put about twice as many gates & vents for the molten metal to flow in/air to flow out as she needed. I was seeing if I could get the aluminum to hit the mold hard/hot enough to achieve the flashing results I was pioneering in bronze. It didn’t work, as AL pours 1,000 degrees cooler than bronze, and is 10x lighter. I broker her out of her mold while she was still a few hundred degrees and the AL oxidized to a brilliant gold. This faded over the months she sat in my grad studio- I should have sprayed a soluvar coating on her as soon as she was cool enough. The gold is still apparent in her hair now, and the model had pretty blond hair. I liked all the crazy sprews hidden under her and intended to drill & tap the two biggest sprewbars and work out a way to base her. She didn’t fit for my MFA show, so I put her on the to-do list. This To-Do didn’t happen til today. She was pulled from a box about a year ago to remind me buy a drill/tap setup, and the drill/tap has been in the studio for a month now. Finally I had everything possible cleared off my plate today- after an 8 hour interview yesterday for an Arts Executive Director position, I really needed to do something that would have an immediate result (hard to come by in sculpture). So finally this little gal was able to anchor to a wall. She still needs a real base, rather than the cheap piece of scrap pine- but that will serve as a blank when I determine the final material. It would be nice if she could be rotated as well…


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