ChipArt Triptych

This documents the zillion-hour process of starting up my little sculptural color explorations. The L diptych panel began resolving out today, as E sat about with me through the heat of the day helping out by cutting shapes for me to play around with. Without her help it takes more than twice as long to get anywhere, as I pre-cut many shapes/colors then try them out, then pre-cut alternates, then try them out, then glue a bit on, then go back and forth again. With her help I don’t have to switch gears so much, and can just focus on composition.It has been about 2 years since the last time I played around with this.

I am part of a local group of artists that have bought and restored an old British phone booth, and we each are making some form of art to fit in the window triptych patterns. I removed all the windows and stripped out the inside of the booth years ago, and now others are restoring it up to act as an alternative gallery space. The phone box will be bright red, so I’m creating a complementary color scheme with a background of greens played on by reds (w/ orange and purples in the diptych panels).


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