Center Panel

The process of creating this work is the doppleganger of Pollock. On a fusion of alcohol & nicotene Pollock tuned in and allowed his media of paint on canvas an active life that he responded to with complete immediacy; encapsulated in his famouse quote “I am nature”. His attrition was high, but the creative rate ensured a high rate of keepers. Just invert all of that for the Danger process of near A.D.D. fussing required for this process. On a fusion of caffeine and sugar every shape on the composition and many more are individually created, these shapes are placed/removed/replaced/rejected/accepted in lenghts of groupings of hours and days with concentration that wanes/focuses/drifts/epiphanizes/bores/drudges/accelerates; encapsulated in a complete anonymity where any urge toward declarative statements regarding the artist’s views of himself in relation to art or the universe are muted out by the vast world-eating expanse of time.


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