Quail Biters Eat Topknot Again

The original topknot lasted two weeks, the replacement lasted a year. The first topknot replacement a year ago was on-hand from a miscasting of the original, this time I have to cast another. The new topknot will have a stainless steel pin cast inside the feather, and I will drill into the feather on the quail’s head to seat the pin in the head then weld it all in place. The foundry recommended I have the feather cast in stainless steel with long brackets protruding from the end, and that I grind back grooves into the head and weld it all in place then backfill the grooves, seating the stainless feather inside the bronze. That is a great plan, but not in the realm of my personal budget.

If the pin holds against the ensuing assault of the local juvenile community for the affront of being repaired, then my guess is they will move across the park and see if they can destroy the topknots of the paired quail. At that point I may just go cut off the topknot of the latest repair myself, for consistency.

I delivered the wax topknot to the foundry yesterday, and it should be ready to go inside a few weeks.


  1. xmasberry said:

    have you thought about seeing if you can talk about the sculptures at the community council meeting for that area? It might be a good way to make people who live in the area feel more connected to the work and you. Maybe it would get more people interested in not letting it be vandalized.

  2. Dan Gerhart said:

    Thanks “Holly”The sculptures are in a pocket park that is surrounded by nice houses in a nice neighborhood- the sculptures are essentially in everyone’s extended lawns and many home-owners and park users have told me how much they appreciate the art and try to keep an eye on it. I received emails from locals the day after it was vandalized. It seems as though the community already feels connected to the art and makes an effort to come out and talk to me when I’m out fixing them. Having all parents go through their tween’s rooms and see if they find topknots and chicks might be the thing to shoot for in a CC meeting.

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