Yellowstone in September

We spent a few days in Yellowstone just a week before things shut down for the winter, figuring this would weed out most of the Touron Traffic- and our theory proved out. The Aspen were about 2 weeks behind due to the warm fall, but the season turned while we were there and we drove through rain and wet snowshowers over mountain passes. The cool weather made the hotsprings and geysers all the more steamy.

I brought the MacBook along and downloaded all my photos each day, yet the old brain is nearly full and so many of the best pictures have fallen out. Bummer.

The last photo is at the ranch up in Montana. I finally rigged up a way to add a shut-off valve at the spring-box to the house, which means no more wresting around underwater in snowstorms to turn the water on/off, as well as peace of mind regarding frozen pipes. While I was at it I had re-attached the kitchen faucet, which had broken when temps dropped to 35 below zero back when my father & I were in Hospice (the little room heater hadn’t been able to keep the temp up in the ice-box ranch house). I welded the old copper faucet together with the TIG Welder turned wayyy down and silicon bronze rod- there is no modern equivalent so I was glad I could fix it.


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